Beneficiary Advisory Service

What is B.A.S.?

The Beneficiary Advisory Service, founded in 1993, is part of the Christchurch People's Resource Centre and is co-ordinated by community development worker
Jim Lamb. The resource centre is part of the People's Network, a New Zealand-wide organization. The philosophy of BAS is drawn from the needs of the people who use the service. BAS is primarily an advocacy service, particularly for people on benefits. BAS sees itse lf as trying to ensure that the government does not evade its responsibilites to provide all of its citizens with a basic standard of living.

Some of the areas we can offer advice and support are:

Getting entitlements, dealing with Income Support, helping when problems arise.
Employment and training options, problems at work, using the Employment Service.
Basic Services
Advice and information on accessing services or support within the community.

We are always collecting information relating to people on benefits and low incomes. We are keen to hear about any issues that you may have or any information that you may think is relevant to the people we support.

The people who work in our organisation have a personal understanding and experience of the problems that people on benefits and low incomes have. We offer a professional and sympathetic approach in assisting with any problems you may face.

Phone first and come in and see us at:

30 Bedford Row

Phone: (03) 379 8787, Fax: (03) 379 2127
PO Box 22399, High Street